iRTG of the TRR333

The Integrated Research Training Group (iRTG) of the TRR333 -  funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) - offers a three-year, English-language doctoral program with a highly complex, multidisciplinary field of research that provides our doctoral students an outstanding opportunity to acquire interdisciplinary research skills. 

As a part of the TRR333 the doctoral students will deal with crosstalk between cell organelles, cells, tissues and organs and investigate the systemic effects on energy balance

The Program

Based on the longstanding experience with structured graduate programs of the participating institutions, the educational program of the TRR333 is closely linked to the already existing university programs.

The iRTG training program is tailored to finalize the doctoral thesis in 3 - 3.5 years.

For the scientific training, we strongly focuses on applied state-of-the-art methods and technologies. Workshops and seminars are offered by all project leaders and by the expert teams of the Collaborative Research Center on site or remote (via Zoom).

Timeline of the iRTG qualification program © Bosse und Meinhard GbR, Reinhard Bosse. Michael Meinhard

Internationalization is a further important educational aspect. Our PhD students are involved in the organization of the international guest lecture program of the CRC/TRR333 and they meet the experts in informal settings, participate in international lab visits, actively contribute to international conferences in the BAT research field.

With the iRTG program, we have made it our goal to promote early awareness of collaboration, networking, and intensive scientific exchange, to increase self-confidence for independent research, and to lay the foundation for a successful scientific career.

By graduating from the program, our PhD students are well prepared to take on leading positions in academic as well as non-academic professional areas worldwide.

Our PhD Students

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