Project P01

Bariatric surgery as a key model to unravel microbiome-based treatment targets modulating adipose tissue thermogenesis

RYGB, obese patients, microbiome, metabolism, batikine signaling, matabolic traits, metabolic analysis, gut-to-BAT
Translational approach to characterize the role of RYGB-modulated gut-to-BAT signaling for treatment of human obesity © Prof. Wiebke Fenske

Bariatric surgery significantly alters the gut microbiota composition and function, which associate with an improved metabolic profile and enhanced brown adipose tissue activity. Based on own experimental data, suggesting a causal role of the altered inter-organ crosstalk between gut microbiota and thermogenic adipose tissue in post-surgery weight loss and metabolic improvements, this project aims to determine the metabolic network correlating with thermogenic plasticity and identify active microbiota signaling candidates which may qualify to reactivate thermogenesis in human obesity.

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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wiebke K. Fenske

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